Jul 2012

The Olympics Ceremony

by walters

What a brilliant opening to the Olympics.
We were especially impressed with the Cauldron design by Thomas Heatherwick. We’ve always been a fan of his ‘Rolling Bridge’ design for the Grand Union Canal at Paddington Basin but this was equally as good. Well done Heatherwick Studio and good luck Team GB!

Great Brickwork

by walters

Sometimes we need to be reminded that even the most obvious materials can still look good if you use them in a creative way. Consider this house in Dublin by Aughey O’Flaherty Architects, not an expensive contemporary home but a really effective use of space and materials. It is mainly down to the window shape, size and location and the flat roof which makes the building look contemporary. Walters Architects would love to work with clients who like this sort of home.


George Clarke, Channel 4’s Architect

by walters
Channel 4's
I recently read this article in Grand Designs Magazine by Architect George Clarke and I though it may help some of our potential clients. 

Extract from Grand Designs Magazine August 2012


Ask George Clarke




Q. We’d like an extension on our twenties semi-detached property, but have never commissioned a project before. What should we look for when selecting an architect? How much can we expect to pay?


A. The first place to look to find a good architect in your area is the Royal Institute of British Architects’ web site ( Click on Find an Architect and complete all the details about the type and scale of your project and the website will quickly recommend a number of local architects for you. You should then arrange to meet a number of them and look at some of their past projects; select an architect that really understands you as a client and the way you want to live. Regarding cost, architects will either bill you an agreed hourly rate or they will base their fees on a percentage of the overall contract value. Fees will vary across the country and depending on the complexity of the project, but, as an example, say you were spending around £100,000 on a large extension then an architect may charge you 10 -12 per cent of the contract value. An hourly rate may work out cheaper for you if the project is relatively straightforward, but obviously you don’t have the peace of mind of knowing what your final bill is going to be.


Well done George.