Jun 2015

We’ve Arrived

by Kevin Walters



We are having a few drinks to celebrate moving to our new office on London Road in Leicester. If you are around from 5 – 7pm on Friday just pop in for a quick drink and say hi.

No free loaders!

The Right People for the Job.

by Kevin Walters


During the planning and construction phases of any building project it is extremely important to appoint the right people for the right job.

It always amazes us when clients appoint unqualified personnel to undertake large projects in order to save money. This approach causes problems which could be so easily avoided.

Clients should simply ask for references, professional qualifications and look at professional indemnity insurance to see which types of work there consultants are insured for. Not simply accept they have done this sort of thing before.

Whilst it may appear cheaper in the early stages it usually causes more problems later in the process which, in turn, cost more money and creates delays.

It is quite simple really, you need the right people for the job.

by Kevin Walters


We have had a couple of people tell us they find it hard to navigate our website. In particular finding our projects page.

Could everyone take a look and let us have your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Happy Birthday

by Kevin Walters


Today is the birthday of a true icon, yes Marilyn Monroe but it is also the birthday of the brilliant Architect Lord Norman Foster. He’s 80 today and is responsible for the design of the Gherkin, Wembley Stadium & the Millennium Bridge but to name a few.  Happy Birthday Norm, you inspire.