Oct 2015

How Long Does Planning Permission Last?

by Kevin Walters

Planning Portal

Most people think they have 5 years to implement planning permission. Generally speaking they don’t, Planning Permission only last 3 years until the works should be carried out or ‘meaningfully’ started.

Always check your Planning Permission first (because there are some exceptions) but the planning implementation time scale changed in 24th August 2005 from 5 to 3 years for both commercial and domestic applications.

‘Outline Planning Permission’  is a little different because you need to submit full details for approval within 3 years and you then have 2 years to implement the detailed design.

If you have any planning conditions attached to your approval it can take a while to resolve the issues and you might want to start the process well before your permission expires.

Don’t get caught out because planning law constantley changes and you may not be able to renew your expired approval.

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Retail Design – Walters Architects

by Kevin Walters

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The large independent jewelers we have been working for is now officially open. It is a great addition to Leicester’s High street so pop in and take a good look around.