Feb 2016

One Big House Extension

by Kevin Walters

Remember the large extension we started 14 Months ago? No, well it’s the large two storey side extension, single store rear extension, total new roof and complete loft conversion. Well, it’s nearly finished. Here is a sneaky peek at some of the interiors.

walters_km_cropston_150216-1014walters_km_cropston_150216-1006 walters_km_cropston_150216-1008 walters_km_cropston_150216-1029 walters_km_cropston_150216-1026  walters_km_cropston_150216-1032

New Guys.

by Kevin Walters


Do any of our friends, colleagues or associates know of anybody wanting to become an Architect?

We have a vacancy for a trainee or ‘year out’ position. Candidates need to be enthusiastic, hard working, professionally minded and eager to learn.

If any of you know someone fitting this description please let us know.