Dec 2016

Back Land Development

by Kevin Walters

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Walters Architects have been asked to design a small house for construction in a clients rear garden. This type of development isn’t always favored by planners and is sometimes referred to as ‘Back Land Development’. Conventional Back Land Development is against national planning policy but there is always the exception to the rule.

The reason we believe this particular project maybe relevant  is because the clients back garden runs adjacent to another road which incorporates many other houses. So effectively we are simply infilling a gap where a current disused garage sits. Obviously this opportunity is most common in built up areas rather than villages or the open country side but the principle can be adopted anywhere.

Walters Architects were approached by a local Planning Consultant who specified a one bedroom house which couldn’t have any windows to the rear or the side of the buildings. The house also needed to incorporate one car parking space and couldn’t obscure the neighbors property. This means adhering to national planning policies ’45 degree’ rule to the left hand side of the property. All these restraints/restrictions dictated the form of the proposed house which we have nick named the ‘Z house’.

The scheme incorporates blue brick to the ground and side walls and mirrors the intended neighboring properties with white render at first floor on the front and rear elevations. Whilst there are windows in the principle rooms some of the window and natural light restrictions have been overcome by using roof lights.

The client intends to sell the plot with planning permission and believes it maybe of some interest to a student or an academic wanting to live close to Leicester university or the Hospital.

Hopefully someone will build the house to our design and use us for the remaining architectural services.

The scheme is currently at the Planning stage and we should know if we’ve been successful in the new year. I’ll keep you posted.