Dec 2017

Important Site

by Kevin Walters

SW01 SW02SW04

We have been asked to design a new house in the shadow of Southwell Minster. This will be a big challenge to satisfy the local authority in a conservation area at the foot of such an important building. We will do our best.

SIP’s Build

by Kevin Walters

SIP's 01 SIP's 02 SIP's 03 SIP's 04 SIP's 05 SIP's 06

Our timber frame houses in Mapperley are almost complete with one being sold already and the new owners changing the finishing specification to their own requirements.

The floor plans are incredibly open and spacious and the finish is brilliant, the contractors (LJ Builders Newark) have done an excellent job.

This is the first SIP’s Panel houses we have been involved in but we are now working on two others. The Contractor swears by them as he finds them a lot more efficient as they become water tight a lot sooner than traditional builds.

We look forward to them being finished and landscaped.


by Kevin Walters

01 05 06 03

We will all be able to sleep a little easier when this roof is finished. That’s just one of the problems with a city centre mixed use scheme when the client is insistent on keeping the retail units open whilst works continue above. We want a white Christmas, not a wet one.