Feb 2018

Contemporary Progress

by Kevin Walters

Nolan 01 Nolan 02 Nolan 03


It was great to pop to site and see the progress of this contemporary house extension in Leicester. We still call it an extension although all but two walls have been replaced.

The client is hoping to have it finished by March and we are looking forward to the party!



by Kevin Walters

Rogers x2

Did I mentioned we had recently visited London? What a place, inspired is an understatement.

How not to do it.

by Kevin Walters

Garage or House

This is a prime example of how not to do it.

As well as creating an unauthorized entrance onto a busy road and erecting a new high level fence over an allocated car parking space the owners of a house in Leicester also illegally converted their garage into a self contained home. When planners instructed the owners to  reverse the conversion they simply propped a garage door up to the new entrance and hoped they wouldn’t notice.

Our suggestion, seek the advise of professionals.