Sep 2018

Amended Plans

by Kevin Walters

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Planners have asked us to amend the roof design on our new contemporary house refurbishment. This has changed the roof profile but we are all happy with the compromise.

The planners like the suggestion in principle and the design has allowed for a much larger second floor so the client is delighted.

We will be resubmitting the application next week.

Landscaping Proposal

by Kevin Walters

1809HCED-A4-B.pdf 1809HCED-A4-B.pdf

The landscapers have produced their design for the inner court yard at our Care Home Extension scheme in Leicester. The client is delighted with the simple, easy to maintain proposal and have commissioned the Landscapers to design another garden for them.

We are always pleased when a recommendation works out.

Building Contracts

by Kevin Walters



We are still amazed at how many clients proceed with building works without having a Building Contract in place.

There are several types of Building Contracts to cater for all projects and they all cover the same details – Start Date, End Date, Construction Costs, Contract Information, Penalties for late delivery etc.

We find it difficult to believe that clients allow total strangers to under take major works on their homes and business based on a hand shake.

Take our advise, don’t start any scheme (regardless of size) without a Building Contract in place. How else can you control the parameters of your project?

If you’d like to know more about Building Contracts, Project Management or Contract Administration please contact our office or visit our website

Aint that the Truth?

by Kevin Walters


A book I read last year had a quotation I’ve noted. It has relevance to a couple of projects we are currently involved in and it should apply to anyone under estimating the role of an Architect…‘It’s your choice to accept a painting not painted by an artist’.

You can let a builder design your property if you like but ultimately you are responsible for the out come. I wouldn’t want a mechanic to design my car.


by Kevin Walters

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We are planning the office annual trip to London and agreed to visit Christo and Jean Claudes’s Mastaba at the Serpentine. Whilst planning the visit we reminded ourselves of a couple of other projects.

How do they do that?

New Storey

by Kevin Walters

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The steels for the new floor have now been installed in the Laundry House.

It wasn’t an easy process, threading the crane through the existing roof,  but the builders did really well.

Care Home Interiors

by Kevin Walters

DSC_0001 DSC_0003 DSC_0008DSC_0005

The interior is coming together on the new Care Home extension in Leicester. The base coats are being applied to the plaster and the ceilings are decorated in most of the rooms. This means the interiors will be decorated next week and the carpets will be going down in a fortnight.

Then it’s on to phase II…the difficult bit.



Structurally Sound

by Kevin Walters

TB 01 TB 02 TB 03 TB 09 TB 05

The structural steel has been erected on our site for the refurbishment and extension of a Laundry House in Leicestershire.

We now get a good idea of the space being created and can begin to finalise the interior specification.

It’s looking great and we are so pleased that the linked roof to the cottage and the new mezzanine above the kitchen all work perfectly.