Mar 2019

Don’t believe all you read.

by Kevin Walters


Walters Architects have received some really odd and inaccurate comments on a variety of review websites by people we have never worked with or even have any knowledge of.

As well as being disappointing it’s difficult to comprehend why people would spend their time doing such things. However, we have decided to take these comments as a compliment. Someone is taking an interest in our business after all so we must be doing something right.

We’ been advised – ‘Do not feed the Trolls’!


New Refurbishment and Change of Use Project

by Kevin Walters


Walters Architects have won a new appointment to convert the upper floors into apartments and refurbish the ground floor retail space of this A1 building in the centre of Kettering.

Looking forward to get started.

Nearly Water Tight

by Kevin Walters

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The cladding rails are going on the commercial unit we are currently working on in Leicester. The cladding has been put back a week but apparently it wont effect the program.

Looking forward to the next week or so to see the building take shape and become water tight.