Walters Architects Site sign

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It’s not exactly Las Vegas but we always like to see a Walters Architects site board at the main entrance to our sites


Construction Curry Night

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Once every 2 months Walters Architects hold a ‘Construction Curry Night’ where we organiseĀ an evening in Leicester with our suppliers, customers and associates for an informal get together to discuss work prospects. If anyone would like more information about this Thursdays event please call the office for details. The more the merrier.

This Thursady's Curry Night

Walters Architects Curry Night


Farm Conversion

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The first of Four units to be refurbished.

Walters Architects have visited their Farm Conversion project in Leicester this afternoon and have checked progress on the first of four refurbishments. We have also gathered further information in relation to the associated Building Regulations application. The scheme is progressing nicely and the contractor is doing a professional and thorough job.

Pre Planning Applications

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Walters Architects are currently dealing with a number of ‘Pre Planning Applications’ on a variety of schemes for a range of clients. These sort of initail planning enquiries help establish the appropriateness of a scheme before submitting a full planning application. This approach is
particularly relevant when considering listed buildings, conservation areas, new sites or unconventional schemes. For more information about any Planning Applications please contact our office.

Barn Conversion

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Walters Architects have been asked to prepare a ‘Pre Planning Application’ for a barn conversion in Leicestershire. The application will be detailed but not as specific as a full planning application, thus reducing professional fees and time. This type of application will allow the client to establish the planners initial thoughts before committing to a full and detailed submission. The practice has experienced success in this type of development and looks forward to this new challenge.