Changes to Planning Retraints

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Walters Architects have been involved in a residents group who opposed a recent planning application which saw the potential increase of a local village by 20%. The application was refused by the local authority but the developer won the case on appeal. The development is outside the village settlement boundary and on the edge of a conservation area. The residents didn’t want the proposal, the parish council apposed it, the school couldn’t accommodate any more children and the roads need major alterations. This amount of new housing on the edge of any village changes the fundamental character of an area. The issue was, the local authority hadn’t allowed enough development within a certain time frame and so had a low housing stock. This sort of development wouldn’t have been even considered some time ago but developers are exploiting loop holes within planning policy. If you have land, now is the time to explore your options before the planning policy changes!

Developers win planning appeal

Planning Permission Approved