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Residential Scheme

Residential Scheme

Walters Architects were involved in the planning application for a large domestic site on the outskirts of a Leicestershire village which is in a sensitive area and was deemed difficult from the outset.

After understanding the clients brief we recommended the proposal be led by a Planning Consultant as we quickly identified any chance of success could only be achieved at Appeal.

Walters Architects feel it is always important to employ the correct consultants at the right time in order to do what is correct for the scheme. This is why the practice thought it best to step down from the lead consultant role and hand it over to a Chartered Town Planner. It isn’t a matter of vanity, just doing the best for the project and our clients.

The planning consultants have collated all the relevant information (reports, studies etc.) to process the application and have been in charge of the appeal process ever since.

Walters Architects have been responsible for the house deigns, which have been commended by Rural England’ and will hopefully assist the new land owners once planning is secured.